Commit 3a3a44fa authored by Tandri Gauksson's avatar Tandri Gauksson

list of known issues of latex_creator

parent 3b49a77d
Sometimes '' has trouble generating a tex file for some students. If this happens, and you are unsure why, check if you find your error in the list below. If your problem does not match any of the below, please append the list with the solution, once you've found it.
The student may have a hidden folder .../results-clean/.metadata which has files that confuse the script (use ctrl+h to see hidden folders, or ls -a if using terminal).
Remove this .metadata folder and see if this fixes the problem. In my case, I think these students were eclipse users.
The error message was:
-md5sum: metadata/.lock: No such file or directory
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/scratch/userdata/tandrig/A-SAM/exam-print-script/", line 92, in <module>
original_files=file_hashes, lecture_title=args.lecture, verbose=args.v)
File "/scratch/userdata/tandrig/A-SAM/exam-print-script/", line 366, in main
texstr, files = create_tex(dirname, original_files=original_files, template_dir=template_dir, verbose=verbose)
File "/scratch/userdata/tandrig/A-SAM/exam-print-script/", line 297, in create_tex
md5s = md5sum(fname)
File "/scratch/userdata/tandrig/A-SAM/exam-print-script/", line 148, in md5sum
raise Exception("something went wrong...")
Exception: something went wrong...
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