Commit 05e8dd75 authored by Martin Maechler's avatar Martin Maechler

mini update (for Yanhao ..)

parent be8efeda
Package: CLA
Version: 0.90-0
Date: 2017-08-24
Title: Critical Line Algorithm in Pure R
Author: Yanhao Shi <>,
Martin Maechler <>
......@@ -13,4 +14,4 @@ Description: Implements Markovitz' Critical Line Algorithm (CLA) for
correctness in light of previous buggy implementations.
License: GPL (>= 3) | file LICENSE
Encoding: UTF-8
##-*- org -*--> Emacs .. [Tab] key + [Org] menu; C-c C-o to follow links
* Before release of package
** CLA() should return a class
*** --> print() and plot() method
**** plot(): plot efficient frontier
** CLA() should return a (S3) class, "CLA"
*** --> print() and plot() (S3) methods**** plot(): plot efficient frontier
** check arguments e.g., lB <= uB, sum upper Bounds >= 1
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