Commit 0f81e948 authored by Martin Maechler's avatar Martin Maechler

cosmetic in print()

parent 9a2bcd80
......@@ -179,18 +179,16 @@ CLA <- function(mu, covar, lB, uB, tol.lambda = 1e-7,
## print method
print.CLA <- function(x, ...) {
cat("Call:", paste(deparse(x$call), sep = "\n", collapse = "\n"),
cat("Call: ", paste(deparse(x$call), sep = "\n", collapse = "\n"),
"\n", sep = "")
wts <- x$weights_set
n <- nrow(wts)
nT <- ncol(wts)
cat(gettextf("Critical Line Algorithm for n = %d assets, resulting in\n",
gettextf("%d turning points\n", nT))
cat(gettextf("Critical Line Algorithm for n = %d assets, ", n),
gettextf("resulting in %d turning points", nT),"\n", sep="")
## For now; we can do better later:
cat("Overview of result parts:\n")
utils::str(x[1:5], max.level = 1, give.attr=FALSE)
## TODO better, e.g., summarizing the number "active assets"
## and those with non-0 weights -- only if lower bounds were (mostly) 0
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