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Minimal help file for the plot() method

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\title{Plotting CLA() results including Efficient Frontier}
A partly experimental \code{\link{plot}()} method for
\code{\link{CLA}()} objects.
It draws the efficient frontier in the \eqn{\mu_w,\sigma_w} aka (mean, plane.
Currently, this is quite rudimentary.\cr
Future improvements would allow
- to add the/some single asset points,
- to correctly (`hyperbolically') interpolate between turning points
- add text about the number of (unique) critical points
- add option \code{add = FALSE} which when TRUE would use
\code{\link{lines}} instead \code{plot}.
\usage{%% --> ../R/CLA.R
\method{plot}{CLA}(x, type = "o", main = "Efficient Frontier",
xlab = expression(sigma(w)),
ylab = expression(mu(w)),
col = adjustcolor("blue", alpha.f = 0.5),
pch = 16, \dots)
\item{x}{a named \code{\link{list}} as resulting from \code{\link{CLA}()}.}
\item{type}{the \code{\link{lines}}/\code{\link{points}} types used
for the efficient frontier. This will become more sophisticated,
i.e., \emph{may change non-compatibly!!}}
\item{main}{main \code{\link{title}}.}
\item{xlab, ylab}{x- and y- axis labels, passed to \code{\link{plot.default}}.}
\item{col, pch}{color and point type, passed to
\code{\link{plot.default}}, but with differing defaults in this method.}
\item{\dots}{potentially further arguments passed to
\code{\link{plot}}, i.e., \code{\link{plot.default}}.}
%% \details{
%% }
%% \value{
%% }
\author{Martin Maechler.}
\code{\link{CLA}}, \code{\link{plot.default}}.
## TODO %% Add A. Norring's small 12-asset example see --> ../TODO
## ---- one example is in help(CLA)
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