Commit 4a1a6dd8 authored by jul's avatar jul

loglog works with eigen

parent 4284f68f
......@@ -944,9 +944,8 @@ bool semilogy(const std::vector<NumericX> &x, const std::vector<NumericY> &y,
return res;
template <typename NumericX, typename NumericY>
bool loglog(const std::vector<NumericX> &x, const std::vector<NumericY> &y,
const std::string &s = "") {
template <typename VectorX, typename VectorY>
bool loglog(const VectorX &x, const VectorY &y, const std::string &s = "") {
assert(x.size() == y.size());
PyObject *xarray = get_array(x);
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