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Required packages in R: ``dplyr, ggplot2, reshape, knitr``. Use ``install.packages('pkngname')`` in R shell.
.. code-block:: R
Data is read form a csv file ``data.csv`` with columns ``Nummer, Familienname, A1,..., An`` in
``ISO-8859-1`` encoding. Change the parameters in ``USER SETTINGS`` on line 103 in
``statistics.Rnw`` to adapt the grading scale to your needs.
`ess-mode <>`_ in emacs supports convenient editing of R and Rnw files (noweb files with R code blocks).
% Author: Simon Pintarelli <>
% Emacs hint: use M-x ess-noweb-set-code-mode, then type R-mode
......@@ -154,6 +155,11 @@ plot1 + theme(legend.title=element_blank())
print(xtable(data.frame(Grade=scale$grade[I], Points=scale$s[I])), include.rownames=FALSE, floating=FALSE)
<<out1, echo=FALSE>>=
ncand <- nrow(grades)
passed <- sum(grades$grade>=4)
{\Large \Sexpr{ passed } of \Sexpr{ncand} candidates have passed.}
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