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Fixing CI (take 2)

msaladin requested to merge Fix-CI-testjobs into master

Important: Deployment to Homeworks not done


To enable compatibility with the CI pipeline on multiple runners:

  • Change caching the build folders to creating an artifact in yml file (build folder can now be shared between runners).
  • Removed usage of macros "CURRENT_SOURCE_DIR" and "CURRENT_BINARY_DIR" as they make the binaries non-portable s.t. they cannot be shared between runners.
    • Adjusted CMake to now copy the relevant mesh files and scripts to the build folder. The homework binaries can still be executed the same way provided that you run them from the dir they are in. See build.cmake for which folders are copied.
    • Homogenized the folder structure of problem folders (for CMake copying).
  • Added all excluded problem folders to the bash script that runs the CI test job, now all mastersolutions and tests (if any exist) are required to run without run-time errors for the job to pass

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